Bedliner for Your Jeep

Resolving Mysteries About PolyureaThis article explains the benefits to using a truck bed polyurea or poly-hybrid versus auto paint to cover a full jeep. Polyurea coatings were always used on much more than truck beds. Flexible and durable, Polyurea can be used for complete interior/exterior vehicle jobs, boats, live ponds, and waterscapes. Most functional or highly used surfaces benefit extremely from Polyurea’s added protection as a most cost-effective protective coating. ArmorThane provides several polyurea types using their superior grade materials such as in their flagship product, ArmorLiner. Most dealers have found that ArmorThane has better products at lower pricing.Why would you want to consider coating your truck, jeep, trailer, or boat with a polyurea or poly-hybrid coating? Bottom Line: They are the most cost-effective option for not only protecting your investments but also for aesthetic value. Using bedliner to coat your vehicle comes out much cheaper than a basic auto paint job! PPG charges an average price of $348 a gallon for standard black auto paints, DuPont charges on average $329, and SEM, which are cheaper grade charges on average $210. Polyurea Line-X sells to its dealers can cost up to $69 a gallon in large drums only. Rhino is similarly priced. ArmorThane brand products are less expensive even with the cost of installation included.At 2 to 5 gallons required for a quality bed liner these costs show why average retail bedliner price is over $540 via Line-X or Rhino dealers. With Spray-Lining and Coatings, dealer costs for material are much less as is average bed liner pricing: $425.

ArmorThane dealers fully support DIY jobs, especially spraying full vehicle exterior, interior, underbody, and all details.So why pick ArmorThane when you could go down to Wal-Mart for even cheaper DIY bedliner and be done with it? Because you only get one chance to get it right and although you may save a few bucks going this route, is it really worth messing up your vehicle? The truth is that most other DIY bedliner products available at major retail outlets are single part products which simply paint your truck bed with a thin layer. They further dry after applying a thin coat (losing up to 50% their original volume). All ArmorThane products are a plural component product that cures into a thick truck bed coating.

For a Polyurea blend, ArmorThane is the bottom line, bottom dollar solution to the full jeep, full truck, boats, trailers; overall polyurea type coating needs. In the long run, these are the only materials durable enough, and elastic enough to have any tangible value as this type of specialized, protective coating. All other DIY competitors use polyurethane, urethane, and other blends which do not have the high build capability or flexibility required for true protection.

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