2021 Jamboree – An Event Which Creates Awareness About Art

The 2021 Jamb runs is a high-energy, adventurous and exhilarating exhibition which showcases the best of Indian craftsmanship, creativity, innovation and style. Established in 1998, the organizers of the 2021 Jamb Expo are India’s largest trade fair and is one of its most sought after events globally. The competition is fierce between various competitors with each inviting local artists and craftsmen to showcase their goods. Every year, artists and craftsmen from all over India to set up tents and booths to display their work. The event attracts people of all ages and it is held at venues like Khajuraho and Pushkar.

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The competition is fierce, not just because the competition is enormous but also because there are myriad craftsmen who display their goods in the show. The artists and craftsmen try out to create the best jamb score by bidding on different themes. It takes an immense amount of time and expertise to perfect the bid so that one can emerge a winner.

The competition and thrill of the competition are what draws tourists and participants from all over the country and abroad. A trip to Pushkar during the course of the event is a must for anyone interested in attending the expo. A tour to the city of Pushkar is incomplete without visiting the Brahma temple located at Birla temple. Here, visitors can have a glimpse of Brahma and Goddess Lakshmi.

What do we exactly learn from this competition? The competition clearly showcases the art and science of craftsmen from different regions of India. The forms of art displayed during the competitions are representative of the culture of Rajasthan and are visually enthralling. One can truly say that the event is the breeding ground of innovation and a wonderful platform to explore the talent and skills of craftsmen from India and abroad. This shows the relevance of the 2021 Jamb runs to the art community of India and inspires participants to excel in their craftsmanship.

One of the common features during the competition organized by the organisers of the Delhi Jamboree is the provision of hot dogs served on silver spoons. This is quite a novel idea, which makes the event unforgettable. Even the participants at the expo are also excited about the silver spoon served on silver spoons! While this is the case, there is no harm in enjoying the delicious food served on silver spoons during the competition!

Another interesting fact related to the competition is the fact that this was the first time that participants from abroad had travelled to the sacred city of Pushkar to compete in the competition. It is not known how they did it or what they did to win the contest but they certainly had some good fun during the entire event! The organizers of the Delhi Jamboree definitely did their bit to set the right atmosphere for the event and the participants enjoyed every minute of it. The free jamb expo answers the call for every creative minds of the present generation to come out with his/her best while enjoying their talent and art. Definitely, the competition created awareness about the worthiness of art and encouraged Indian art to shine amongst the rest of the world.

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