Creating Buzz in Your Beauty Salon Business

Buzz – the buzz. The buzz that is felt when you have a new haircut. The buzz that is created by the stylist who is trying to create a new you and that is reflected on your pretty face. It all started when Buzz became the very first ever buzz word.

Customer Service Skills for Salon Owners and Stylists - HJI

Buzz words are all around us today. Every day we hear the word eBay, and every day we see an ad for Amazon. Both of these companies are creating buzz. eBay for example is creating buzz about their auction style website where consumers can buy and sell products. Amazon is creating buzz by adding e-books to their website. These two giants have become huge because of buzz words.

However, the beauty salon is not able to create buzz of their own. This is not what a beauty salon is for. It’s about the buzz that is created within the customer and their social circle. A social circle is defined as a group of people that you socialize with often or that you see frequently. This makes it much easier for the buzz words to be incorporated into your beauty salon business plan.

A buzz word is simply a word that sparks a lot of conversation. If your hair salon sells good quality hair tools and accessories, you will definitely want to incorporate buzz words into your business plan. If you are opening a salon that offers high quality hair styling services you may want to include buzz words such as cutting edge or cutting hair for the sophisticated woman. If you offer trendy fashion jewelry and accessories you will want to include words like wild and free-spirited. When people hear these buzz words they will start to ask you questions about what you do and who you are.

Once you have buzzed your way into the minds of your customers you need to keep them happy. The best way to do this is by giving great service and products to your clients. When your customer leaves your salon and tells someone about your great haircut they will certainly tell others. Word of mouth marketing is the best type of advertising and is a sure fire way to gain more customers. You need to remember that the person coming into your salon is thinking about how great your products and services are so keep them happy. It doesn’t hurt to throw in a little publicity by featuring a few buzz words in your salon logo and on your fliers.

Make sure that the buzz you create in your business is geared toward your specific area and industry. Your local area may be a beauty salon so your buzz words should revolve around that. A hair salon in New York City could use some different words than a salon in San Diego. Make sure that you research all the buzz words that you can find and incorporate them into your business plan. Your local area will naturally have the most customers so make sure to cater to their needs.

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