Exotic Fruits and Vegetables

Exotic fruits and vegetables can be found almost anywhere in the world. But they might look a little scary and unappetizing. Many people aren’t even aware that they exist! But they can be an excellent way to boost your nutrition and make food more exciting. And they are readily available in many supermarkets.

One fruit that is not very common in the United States is the breadfruit. This fruit comes from Polynesia and Southeast Asia. It has a soft texture and a sweet flavor. It is also high in papain, an enzyme used in meat tenderizers. This fruit can be eaten fresh, baked, or even fried. jiotilla

Another exotic fruit is the canistel. This fruit is native to Southeast Asia and is used in many Asian recipes. It is difficult to chew because it sticks between your teeth. But the taste is delicious, and it is similar to sweet potatoes, but with a more intense flavor. Another fruit you should try is the rose apple. This fruit has thick skin and white flesh. Its shape is similar to an apple, but it looks different from its American counterpart.

Another fruit that is native to Southeast Asia is the cempedak. This tropical fruit is closely related to the jackfruit and breadfruit. It is cylindrical in shape and covered in a thin leathery skin. The flesh is sweet but not as sweet as the jackfruit and breadfruit. It is also highly odorous. Some people are afraid to eat it in public due to the foul odor.

A tropical fruit that is not native to the United States is the pitaya. This fruit comes from Southeast Asia and is popular in Central and South America. It is a fruit the size of a pomegranate and can be eaten raw or cooked. However, it should be eaten when it is fully ripe. If not, it can cause digestive discomfort.

Although there are many types of exotic fruits and vegetables grown in the country, some are native only to certain regions. For instance, the jabuticaba from South America is only available in specific areas. It is used as a flavoring in jellies and wine. It begins fermenting within three to four days of harvest.

Another interesting fruit to try is the kiwano. This unique fruit has horns on the outside. It is a large, green fruit with cucumber-like seeds inside. It is native to southern Africa but can also be found in California and New Zealand. In terms of taste, it is similar to a cucumber.

There are also several types of tamarind. These are edible and sweet. The pulp is used in different cuisines around the world, but the seed is not edible. It is not a common fruit in the United States.


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