New Buildings in Batumi Offer Cheap Real Estate in Georgia

Batumi is the second largest city in Georgia. It is a thriving seaport. It is also a major tourist destination. New buildings are being built in the city. This is a good opportunity for investors to earn money on renting apartments. The prices of new residential complexes are relatively affordable.

Batumi is home to a large number of foreigners who want to buy real estate in Georgia. Many foreigners choose to invest in the city’s real estate because of its location near the black sea. Moreover, the city is famous for its casinos and restaurants. So, it’s no wonder that the demand for housing is constantly rising. In order to meet this increasing demand, developers are building new residential complexes in the city. недвижимость в Грузии

There are several buildings in Batumi that offer luxurious and modern apartments. Some of them have panoramic views of the sea. Others have partial sea views.

Steps is a residential complex located only a few hundred meters from the Black Sea coast. A landscaped park is situated between the complex and the sea. Also, the project features a business center and a recreation area on the first floor. You can enjoy the scenic view of the sea while sitting in your apartment.

Alphabetic Tower, a building that is based on the DNA strand with 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet, is a landmark in the city. Moreover, it is a part of Horizons complex.

Orbi Group is planning to build the 55-floor project. Apartments will be a part of the project, as well as a hotel. Each apartment varies in price depending on the view.

If you want to get an apartment in a new building in Batumi, you can use the Tranio platform. This platform is an online database of offers from developers and owners. With its help, you can browse through a number of offers and compare the prices of various properties.

In addition to offering a wide variety of offers, Tranio allows you to see photos and learn more about the different buildings. When you’re ready to purchase a property, you can contact a Tranio specialist for further assistance.

In case you’re unsure about purchasing an apartment in a new building, you can also check out the United Property Expo. This event brings together thousands of private investors and professionals from around the world. They can discuss how to buy real estate abroad and receive professional advice on taxes.

If you are looking for an apartment in a new building in Batumi, consider one of the following options: Bagrationi Residence, Lemon Garden Residence, Calligraphy Towers, Alphabetic Tower, or Andy Tower. These apartments have sea views, so you can relax on the seaside and enjoy the weather.

Since the beginning of 2022, many foreigners have invested heavily in Batumi real estate. Despite the turbulence caused by the pandemic, there is no decrease in the demand for apartments in this city. Developers are offering affordable prices and installments in this city.


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