An Electric Bike For Every Type of Cyclist

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, an electric bike is a smart addition to any cycling wardrobe. The best electric bikes offer excellent pedal-assistance for a wide range of rides, and can boost your performance by taking the load off your legs. ebike

The motor in an e-bike is where the power really lies, and manufacturers devote a lot of attention to choosing a powerful, reliable electric motor for each model. A more powerful motor delivers more speed and torque, but also burns up your battery faster. That means a lower riding range.

Choose the right battery for your e-bike

Your rider’s needs dictate which kind of battery you should pick. For long trips, a large-capacity battery is ideal. If you’re a commuter, a smaller-capacity battery can help you avoid having to lug your bike around for long periods of time.

If you’re looking for a practical e-bike for everyday commuting, then a folding bike like the MiRider One might be the way to go. Folding e-bikes are handy for when you don’t want to carry your bike with you, and they make it easy to store the bike at home or in a garage when you’re not using it.

An e-bike with pedal assist

If your primary goal is to save on fuel, an e-bike with pedal assist can be the answer. These bikes have an electric motor that can be activated by pedaling, or by the brakes, just like a regular bicycle.

They can also be operated manually by a throttle. These bikes – called S-pedelecs – have a sensor that detects your pedaling speed or force, and the bike can then determine how much assistance to provide.

The throttle can be set to a low setting, or can be used to provide assistance at higher speeds. You can also set the throttle to automatically start when you start pedaling, making it easier to get going if you’re tired or stuck in traffic.

We love the pedal-assistance offered by the Ride1Up Prodigy – it multiplies your effort and helps you ride further than you would without it, while offering a smooth, upright riding position. The mid-drive e-bike also has good range, with 26 miles on a charge when tested.

It also has a sophisticated torque sensor that responds well to input. It also offers a variety of settings that can be easily adjusted via an app, which makes it easy to tailor your power assist to suit your specific riding style.

Fafrees is a new brand to the electric bike market, but they have a range of 250W models for cyclists of all types. They also have some high-end 350, 500 and 750W motors for the more serious riders.


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