The Only Healthy Solar Hot Water System in Malaysia

The sole Healthy Solar Hot Water System in Malaysia

In the recent times, oil and gas is the main energy source for our country. This energy resource donates 20% of the nation’s GDP and contributes significantly to the world’s climate change, which explains why it is now one of many priorities of our government to cut back this dependency on foreign oil that’s been increasing day after day.

To take action, the federal government has implemented several initiatives to make this happen target, including establishing a green energy hub and creating more electric vehicles. The government also aims to cut back greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030 and becomes carbon neutral by 2050. This can be a huge goal, but it can be achieved with assistance from renewable energies, such as solar power. solar water heater

Solar energy is one of the very most abundant and green sourced elements of renewable energies. This sort of energy can be used to generate electricity, heat up water as well as desalinate seawater. You will find two ways to make solar energy, which are photovoltaics (PV) and concentrated sunlight. The former is more commonly known, while the latter requires large scale installations and can only just be used in certain locations.

Despite the recent global economic crisis, the renewable energy industry in Malaysia has continued to grow. This can be caused by the support of the Government with regards to policy and financial incentives. In the recent months, the Government has opened tenders to attract investments in new grids and rooftop solar panels. It is expected to generate 5 billion ringgit ($1.1 billion) in investments by 2020.

Its success is partly as a result of introduction of tax incentives such as investment tax allowances and a 4% trimmed EPF contribution by employers. The Government has additionally launched a sustainable stimulus package to market local businesses.

Along with that, the Government has established a RM3 million fund to supply loans to small businesses and cause them to become purchase clean energy. This scheme, that is backed by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA), will assist small and medium enterprises in reducing their electricity bills by around 30%.

This subsidy can be accessed by small and medium companies that are looking to change to solar energy or raise the efficiency of these existing systems. This is a great method to lessen energy costs and reduce steadily the carbon footprint of one’s company.

SolarMate is a respected manufacturer, supplier, distributor and solar installer of a selection of Solar Water Heating Systems in Malaysia. Our pressurized stainless solar tanks are renowned for his or her longevity and low maintenance needs. They are commonly useful for residential houses, bungalows, semi-D and semi-detached homes, housing development schemes, workers’accommodations, colleges hostels, resorts, and commercial, industrial and government projects.

Our company provides the best solution for a wholesome environment and lower electricity bills. Our highly experienced team will continue to work with you to ensure your solar energy system is the better fit for your home or business. Call us today for a free of charge consultation.


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