How to Set Up Company in Switzerland

Company registration in Switzerland is easy and inexpensive. You can register your company online using the Swiss Companies Register. Once your company is registered, you must register for VAT, taxation, and annual financial statements. You must also follow proper accounting procedures. Certain businesses require special permits. You should consult a lawyer for the necessary legal details. The process for trademark registration can be completed online through the IGE. Make sure your company name is not already used by someone else. If your business involves foreign capital, you may also want to form a capital company.

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Switzerland has low corporate taxes and is a popular offshore investment destination. You will need to meet a minimum amount of equity for your business to become legal. If your company is foreign-owned, you will need to find a resident to be the director and owner. The amount of your shareholders’ equity must be at least CHF 100,000. Depending on the structure you choose, it may take two to four weeks to complete the registration. company registration switzerland

You must be a resident of Switzerland to register a limited liability company. You can also choose to form a sole proprietorship in Switzerland. Upon registration, the Swiss Trade register will publish your new company’s details in a commercial newspaper in Switzerland. As soon as this issue is published, your new company will be considered a Swiss company. If your company has a turnover of over 100,000 CHF, you must register it with the Trade register.

The next step for company registration in Switzerland is to choose a legal structure for your business. A legal structure will affect your tax obligations. The Swiss tax system is very attractive for foreign investors, but it varies from canton to canton. You should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each structure before settling on one. The simplest business structure is a sole proprietorship. It gives the owner complete control over the company.

In order to register a stock company, you must have three people. The shares of this company are freely transferable on the stock market. You must have a minimum capital of CHF 100000 to register a stock company. The registration process is easy for a sole trader. If you are looking for a limited partnership, you must select the type of business structure you wish to form. The general partner will be responsible for the company’s overall liabilities. The limited partners will only be liable for the contribution made.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to registering a company in Switzerland. Its taxation policies are attractive and its tax rate is competitive. The most advantageous structure for your company is the one that best suits your business. As long as you have the proper paperwork and your tax plan, you should be able to register your company in Switzerland. It is easy to set up a private foundation in a Swiss canton.