Bunny Hill Designer Toys and Decor Items For Children’s Rooms

For kids’ room interiors, Bunny Hill is an online store with products that will complement the design of a room. Many of the products are eco-friendly and made of materials that are safe for children and the environment. The brand identity is based on Scandinavian brands, and its white colour scheme lends a calming atmosphere. The company also recently refreshed its packaging concept and official website.

Among the many pieces in the collection is a beautiful storage basket designed to hold books and other toys. The storage basket fits easily into any room design and has labels for easy organization. The storage basket also matches perfectly with other furniture in the room and is available in both pastel green and simple white designs. Another great piece is the Sweetpea and Willow storage basket, which is made of natural materials and features fairy tale detailing. This basket is great for dressing up and for storing other accessories. Alternatively, you can choose a pair of storage cabinets and organize your shoes, diapers, and toys in the same closet.

A toy storage cubby is an essential part of the kids room interior design. Besides allowing your kids to keep their favorite toys in easy access, it also allows for a stylish display of toys. A cute wicker basket or patterned tote can make a unique display for their toys while being easily stored away when no longer in use. Incorporated with a playful color scheme, a toy storage cubby will allow parents to choose a design that reflects their child’s personality.

If you are looking for unique and stylish items for your child’s room, you can find many great options at Bunny Hill. Its founders, Julia Volkova and Uliana Kolesnikova, are the founders of the website. Their original inspiration came from their native Kirov, where they both grew up. Nezhny Veter is a company specializing in textile souvenirs and designer items made of cotton and linen.